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Relive the NYC of 1924 Using Space-Age Machine of the Future!

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When a tipster's e-mail arrives with the subject line, "holy shit holy shit holy shit," we know we're in for something good. He writes: "The city's online map has just added hi-res aerial photography - from 1924! There are still farms in Marine Park! The Dodger's stadium is still in Park Slope!" Folks, it's true. Point your magic computer boxes to the NYCityMap and soar above the New York of the Roaring Twenties (click on the camera icon to switch the year), then use the slider to switch the view to 2006 or 2008 and see the cityscape morph right before your eyes. How and why does this exist? We would answer those questions, but we're too busy exploring. Ever wanted to get rid of Madison Square Garden, the current Penn Station or, heck, all of Battery Park City (above)? Now's your chance. More before-and-afters in the gallery above. Holy shit holy shit holy shit indeed.
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