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Rendering/Reality: 15 Union Square West Dresses in Black

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[Photos by Will Femia.]

Okay, so this round of Rendering/Reality won't be much of a reveal for most people: The old Tiffany & Co. building at 15 Union Square West has been getting stripped, expanded and glassed in one of Manhattan's most visible development spots for nearly two years. But the plywood and scaffolding are now gone, and it's time to weigh in on architect Eran Chen's reworking of a classic building. The design's Big Idea?exposing the original massive iron arches and wrapping them in glass?is a bit tough to make out in these photos, but it can't be denied that what was planned ended up being executed. And for what it's worth, the ceilings are higher than a Jimmy Buffet tailgate.

When last we checked in, the building's listings had been temporarily pulled from the market while the sales team futzed with the model unit and plotted a grand re-opening. A handful of the building's 36 condos remain on StreetEasy, but clicking through to their Brown Harris Stevens homes leads nowhere. Prices range from $4.68 million to nearly $9 million on those lingering leftovers, and average around $2,700 per square foot. On the website's registration form (turn your volume down, trust us), the lowest price range that interested parties can select is $4 million to $5 million. Having a greenmarket in your front yard apparently doesn't come cheap. Paging foreign buyers.
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Union Square

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15 Union Square West

15 Union Square West, New York, NY