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Harlem Landmark's Post-Demolition Look Revealed

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A few months ago the city's Department of Buildings began emergency demolition work on the Mount Morris Bank Building, the Harlem landmark at Park Avenue and East 125th Street more popularly known as the Corn Exchange. The long-neglected building?where the recent owner's plan for a culinary school fizzled, followed by a judge's ruling that the city could repossess the property?was deemed unstable, and it was decided the top floors of the 125-year-old building had to be lopped off. Blog Harlem Bespoke reports that the dirty deed is done and the scaffolding has come off the red-brick Corn Exchange, where only a couple of floors remain. Harlem Bespoke is hoping that the city is storing some of the lost architectural elements and that any plans for the building include a complete restoration. More pics of the battered landmark in the gallery above.
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Corn Exchange

81 East 125th Street, New York, NY