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Finally, Upper East Siders Sue MTA Over Second Avenue Subway

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At first, the grumblings about the Second Avenue Subway's ugliness were just that, whines from neighbors who will be losing their windows now that the MTA's original row house concept for the subway's infrastructure has gone, er, out the window. But now, The Real Deal reports, the co-op at 233 East 69th Street, adjacent to the largest of the proposed subway structures (right), is going legal on the MTA. The residents filed a lawsuit alleging that the MTA unlawfully modified the design of the subway ventilation structures from the "typical row house" structure proposed in the 2004 Environmental Impact Statement. (The MTA now says that row house model was only one idea of many, and was proposed before the MTA even really had a design concept for the building.) The co-op residents -- eight of whom will see their easterly-facing windows bricked up when the structure is built -- want their row house back. The supplemental environmental review process now required could take another six months to a year, but what's that in a process that has already taken 80 years?
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