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Williamsburg Gets Passive With Latest Architectural Funkiness

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Hot on the heels of the Bedford Avenue Tetris Building, Williamsburg-based architecture studio Loadingdock5 is bringing another of its eco-friendly retail + residential creations to the 'hood. This one is going up at 174 Grand Street, a few short blocks from the recently completed 232 Bedford, and the name is Passive House. Renderings and details are on LD5's website, which explains, "this our attempt to build NYC's first new building which fulfills the strict german Passive House standard." That's right, this ain't no bullshit Passive House standard you'd find in France or Switzerland?this is the real deal. Updates on the project have been running on the architects' blog, where you can learn everything you ever wanted to know about insulation. The increasingly busy firm is also working on a retrofitted Passive House in Greenpoint.
· PH1: 174 Grand Street [Loadingdock 5]

Passive House 1

174 Grand Street, Brooklyn, NY