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Central Park West Co-op Flips for 60 Percent Profit in 2.5 Years

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Hey, market reports, take a look at this! In defiance of all those stats -- who says sales prices are down 30 percent from their peak? -- a 3BR, 3BA co-op at 91 Central Park West has closed for $7 million, a 60 percent return on the 2007 purchase price. The co-op, corner apartment #13B, last sold to a lawyer-investment exec couple in April of '07 for $4,377,500. The new owner is a venture capitalist, and the markup he was willing to pay might have something to do with the fact that the place was recently "meticulously renovated." Must have been some renovation! Unfortunately, there are only the tiny thumbnails on the listing's StreetEasy page to give us a clue how it looks now. But the floorplan survives.

· 91 CPW Co-op Apartment Sells for $7M, a 60% Return After 2.5 Years [NYC Co-op Apartment Sales]
· 91 Central Park West #13B [StreetEasy]

91 Central Park West

91 Central Park West, New York, NY 10023