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Queens Casino Revealed (Maybe!); Saving an East Village Temple

JAMAICA?The three men in a room have finally decided on a development team to turn the forlorn Aqueduct Racetrack into a "racino" with video betting machines and a dash of Vegas glitz and glamour. Will their decision stick this time? According to a press release, Aqueduct Entertainment Group (AEG)?comprised of the Navegante Group and a whole bunch of others?are the winners, but there are conditions. Lots of conditions! Like the group ponying up (heh!) a $300 million upfront licensing fee, instead of the $200 million that already chased Steve Wynn away. AEG's proposal for the multi-phase racino/resort is the one with "seven sections designed to mirror city neighborhoods" like the Lower East Side. The group's website gives a glimpse into their plans, seen in the gallery above. Remember folks, it's just 21 A-train stops from Manhattan! [CurbedWire Inbox]

EAST VILLAGE?The 1910 Congregation Mezritch Synagogue at 415 East 6th Street was on death's door when a developer aimed to replace the building with condos and the Landmarks Preservation Commission decided not to landmark the building. But the plans got shelved, buying the building some time. Now the Greenwich Village Society for Historic Preservation reports that after a bit of lobbying, the "tenement temple" has qualified for the State and National Register of Historic Places. This would not prevent the building's demolition, but it would give the owner tax breaks and other incentives for preserving the structure. For now: L'chaim! [CurbedWire Inbox]