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'Fully Original Soho Loft' ... on Avenue D

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Austin Powers hasn't made a movie in eight years, and that's probably because he's enjoying living in this shagadelic Alphabet City one-bedroom condo too much. The listing brokerbabble, which we advise you to pop a couple of Tylenols before reading, calls this 975-square-foot third-floor apartment at 754 East 6th Street an "original Soho loft" that's been "white washed for a tasteful but artful look." The asking price is $699,000 and there's an open house on Sunday. "In keeping with the space theme," EV Grieve remarks, "Tang and freeze-dried premium ice creams will be served to visitors."

· Listing: 754 East 6th Street [Elliman]
· Space-age love pad on the block...a "fully original Soho loft" on Avenue D [EV Grieve]