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Live on a Prayer! Residentially-Zoned UES Church Now $2.7M

Revive a boomy real estate trend: Heal Estate! This church at 429 East 77th Street has been on the market since August, but a recent encounter with the PriceChopper means potential buyers won't have to steal quite so much from the collection plate to have a shot. It's now asking $2.7 million, so it's perhaps a good budget alternative to some of the other, er, conversions out there. The 2,338-square-foot property already comes with a residential component, a three-story building at the back with two bedrooms, two kitchens, one full bath, and two half-baths. But the church itself is also zoned for residential conversion, and hey, stained-glass windows!

UPDATE: A reader e-mails to report that the church was originally on the market in the summer of 2008 for $4.5 million.

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