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Harlem Co-op Boasts 'Lowest Price Per Square Foot in Manhattan!'

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A tipster, pointing to a listing in our very own Curbed Marketplace, recently wrote, "$187/sqft in Manhattan?!" Turns out the referenced 1,060-square-foot co-op asking $199,000 is in Flatbush (a common mistake!), and that price isn't so out of the ordinary for the location. But it got us thinking: What's the cheapest Manhattan listing when it comes to price-per-square-foot? We think we've found it, aided by the broker's claim on StreetEasy that this 1,200-square-foot co-op at 100-106 West 141st Street in Harlem is, in fact, the "Lowest price per square foot in Manhattan!" The apartment is asking $175,000, or maybe less? The actual listing says the price is $165,000, or just $137.50 per foot. It's an HDFC property so there are income restrictions ($110K per person), and as you can see it's a, uh, fixer-upper. Did we mention it has four bedrooms?

Go nuts, armchair architects.
· Listing: Apt. 64, 100-106 West 141 Street [A.N. Shell Realty]
· 100-106 West 141st Street #64 [StreetEasy]
Building photo via PropertyShark