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Could Stuy Town Become Trump Town? Oh God Please Yes.

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The competition to succeed Tishman Speyer at Stuyvesant Town and Peter Cooper Village is heating up, so much so that a bidding war may break out that could rival the action of the 2006 auction of the rental complex won by Tishman Speyer and its partners (albeit at much lower stakes, unless nobody's learned their lesson!). And if Stuy Towners look outside their windows right now, they might see a buzzard with an immaculate helmet of hair circling overhead. Why, it's Donald Trump, of course, vocal champion of protecting the middle class. "People have asked us if we would get involved in running it or buying it," Trump tells the Post. "We are looking at it right now very seriously." Maybe he'll offer the position of manager to the winner of the next Apprentice! As long as the Trump Soho spa becomes part of the Oval Amenities package, we're sure the tenants wouldn't mind.
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