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Ace Hotel Proves That 2010 is the Year of the WhoDi

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Williamsburg just walked away with the Curbed Cup, but already there's a front-runner for the 2010 Neighborhood of the Year, and that's the Wholesale District. Er, NoMad. Er, whatever. GFI Development is trying to turn Broadway in the upper 20's into a new Meatpacking District or Bowery, and it seems to be working. The company's Ace Hotel, with its buzzy restaurant, Stumptown coffee shop and nerd-friendly lobby, is already a sensation, and GFI's NoMad Hotel just one block away is en route. Now the January issue of the Flatiron/23rd Street Partnership BID newsletter brings word on the Ace's next moves, including a new location of hipster boutique Opening Ceremony (which already has a spot on très cool Howard Street). And for nostalgists outraged by Ken Friedman's decision to name his Ace restaurant after the building's pre-hipsterfied name (The Breslin), he's now thinking about opening a Tin Pan Alley-themed bar in the hotel's basement. The sad trombone would be oddly appropriate here.
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