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Port Authority Seeks a Sugar Daddy for 1 World Trade Center

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Way way back in olden times?we're talking summer '08 here, folks?the Port Authority made waves by seeking out a developer to take some of the Freedom Tower burden off its hands. Then some crazy stuff happened, like the building's name change to 1 World Trade Center, and?remember this??the global economic collapse. The latter probably had something to do with no 1 WTC deal materializing, but the Port Authority is apparently now pretty confident in the health of the NYC commercial real estate market. The Times reports that the PA is once again on the hunt for a developer to purchase a partnership in the growing tower. In addition to forking over at least $100 million for a big piece of Freedom, the partnering developer would also win the right to market 100+ floors of empty office space and negotiate with bargain-hungry tenants. Fun!
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