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Chelsea's Empty Enclave; East Village Retail Woe; More!

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1) We've busted the Chelsea Enclave's chops for e-mailing about apartment sales, but it's not like they're cluttering our inbox or anything. In fact, just 13 of 53 units have sold in 16 months (six in the past three), and though the chicken-and-egg scenario of banks not lending until there are more buyers in the building gets most of the blame, how about the fact that prices start at $1.325 million for condops on church property? A bit flashy for the Lord's liking, no? [Posting/'A Fraternal Twin for a Seminary']

2) The city tried to hit Larry Silverstein with a $35 million rent tax bill on four World Trade Center buildings that no longer exist (including the Twin Towers). Silverstein didn't feel like shaking out his couch cushions to rally the cash, so he took the case to court. A judge sided with the Silver Fox. ['Ghoulish bid to slap tax on vanished WTC'/NYP]

3) Making you feel worse about your life is this week's The Hunt, starring a 24-year-old private equity analyst who just bought his first Manhattan apartment. At that age he should be living in an UES walk-up with 3 random strangers and eating ramen every night. Reducing the sting a bit is the fact that his parents laid out $200,000 for his down payment. [The Hunt/'It's O.K. to Hit the Snooze Button']

4) The East Village's quirky vintage clothing and kitsch shops are a dying breed ('09 victims include Love Saves the Day, O Mistress Mine and Poppet, and more are currently threatened), but it's not like soulless Fifth Avenue retailers aren't having their problems, either. Diddy's Sean John just sued its landlord at 475 Fifth Avenue over scaffolding that's been covering the store since 2006. ['Threadbare in East Village'/NYP]

5) Why is Soho such a magical place? Because its "forgotten street," little cobblestone Crosby Street, which "remains a little residential secret," rarely sees an apartment trade for under $4 million. Secret to whom? [Block By Block/'A Quiet Pocket of SoHo']

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