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Brooklyn's BQE Ditch to Become Jollier Green Giant?

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The BQE going green? The impossible may become reality, as city officials have hired a team of architects and urban planners to tinker with the idea of prettying up the sunken portion of the highway through green walkways and new pedestrian bridges. Everyone and their mama has an idea for making the BQE trench, which cuts through Cobble Hill and Carroll Gardens like a nasty Robert Moses stab wound, less ugly. Some wanted new housing built over the trench, while others wanted the whole thing flooded. Now, two years after Brooklyn architecture firm dlandstudio wowed us with some renderings of a green BQE, that concept appears to be the winner. Why? Because it's the cheapest. The Brooklyn Paper calls it a "less-than-ambitious" proposal, but when other ideas include turning the ditch into the Nile, what realistic alternative isn't a disappointment?
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