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Bringing a Little Bit of the Slope to Gowanus for $1.3 Million

Welcome back to Tuesday Townhouse: A look at a new-to-market townhouse that is rocking our world. Today's guest is on the market in Gowanus.

Anyone who's ever looked at a map might quibble with the "South Slope" label given in this listing, but we won't turn our backs on this 5BR, 2BA townhouse -- which, at 226 11th Street, is pretty firmly in Gowanus -- for a little geographical misdirection. Especially because, even if it isn't in Park Slope, the building is perfectly prepared to bring the Slope to you, at the more Gowanus-y price of $1.279 million: it's currently set up with a yoga studio and acupuncture practice on the first two floors. But if "an atmosphere of peaceful ambiance and solitude" isn't your thing or you have no sense of fun, the floors can also be converted into a residential duplex.
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