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Preservationists Slam Village Gym for Juiced-Up Billboards

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Curbed commenters have been debating whether or not the huge new billboards the Equinox gym put up around its building at Greenwich Avenue and 12th Street over the holidays are illegal. Preservation bulldogs the GVSHP are now hoping to settle that debate, firing off a heated letter to the Landmarks Preservation Commission and Buildings Department detailing a litany of complaints with the advertecture, which the group says was installed without permits and in clear violation of the Greenwich Village Historic District. GVSHP's Andrew Berman calls the case "particularly egregious" given the size of the signage now slapped on 97 Greenwich Avenue. Equinox is owned by the Related Companies, which knows a thing or two about zoning and regulations, so maybe the gym's intention all along was just to get the ads up for the New Year's resolutions rush, and down once people stop caring about gyms, in about another day or so.

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