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More Unwrapping at 141 Fifth; FHA O.G. is 50% Sold

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FLATIRON?A tipster alerted us to more wraps coming off the restoration of the condo-converted 141 Fifth Avenue, so we rushed over to get a look at the building and its creamy cupola. Looks as good as the faux-cade? [CurbedWire Staff]

BED-STUY?FHA-approved condo buildings and their teeny-tiny down payments have become old hat in Brooklyn, but 111 Monroe Street claims it was the city's first FHA experiment. So how's it doing? After eight months on the market, the 29-unit building is now over 50% sold, we're told. The 14 remaining one- and two-bedroom units start at $375,000. Here are the listings, and here's a good building shot. [CurbedWire Inbox]

141 Fifth Avenue

141 Fifth Avenue, New York, NY

141 Fifth Avenue, New York, NY