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Long Island City Architects Discover Steel, Brick

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You can follow the trail of the LIC condo boom by sniffing out the glass-wrapped droppings left in its wake. It's gotten to the point where architects are thinking up crazy light shows to differentiate their transparent creations. But not everything new in LIC is doing the all-glass thing. Neighborhood blog liQcity just filed a construction update on a few developments, and a couple caught our eye. One is the eight-story East of East on Jackson Avenue and 47th Road, which LICNYC recently shared renderings of. According to the East of East website, the loft-style building will have a steel cladding, making it LIC's very own Metal Shutter Houses, but, uh, without the shutter part.

Another intriguing building is Silvercup's Linea on 44th Drive between 21st and 23rd Streets, which liQcity writes is getting, "burgundy/rusty-colored brick exterior being added over the gray cinderblocks." We haven't been able to dig up a rendering of this one, but this "brick" concept sure sounds novel.
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