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Historic UWS Horse Stable Bought By Private School

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In a bit of bubble exuberance, West 89th Street's Claremont Riding Academy, the city's last operating riding stable, was sold, shuttered and prepped for condo conversion?plans included transforming its carriage lift into a car elevator. The nine units were supposed to hit the market by the end of 2008, but the 118-year-old landmark has long been floating in a period of stasis. Here's a bit of news: Just before the ball dropped on the new decade, the stable was sold for $12 million to the Stephen Gaynor School, which is located right behind Claremont on 90th Street (skybridge time!) The transaction was broken into two pieces: $7 million for the main building at 173-177 West 89th Street, and $5 million for the attached carriage house at #171. The development group that purchased the five-story facility in 2007 paid a combined $14 million, which makes this a rarity: an UWS landmark taking a loss. No word on whether dressage will be offered as a school elective.
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photo via PropertyShark