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Architects Return With New Vision for New School's 65 Fifth Ave

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The New School's 65 Fifth Avenue has had its head on the executioner's block, so to speak, for a few months already. But still in question this whole time has been what structure will replace it. After the locals fought off the variances required for the original glass-'n'-glow design from Skidmore, Owings and Merrill, SOM took a time-out to reconceive the project as an as-of-right building. There are still no full architectural renderings, but the folks at the Greenwich Village Society for Historic Preservation point out that some of the building schematics were revealed in a December 16 community presentation. And?
The building will have 16 above-grade floors, with an auditorium at ground level and retail at the corner of 14th Street and Fifth Avenue, seven academic floors, and eight floors of dorms. Plus a few student life goodies, like, redundantly, a cafeteria, a cafe, an event cafe, and two student lounges. Also in the plans: daylight harvesting, which just sounds nifty. The design is subject to change, SOM says. But if we don't see some renderings soon, we're liable to get cranky, so we can only imagine how Villagers feel.
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65 Fifth Avenue

65 Fifth Avenue, New York, NY 10011