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St. Marks Rooftop Addition is $17,000 Rental Apartment

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We haven't given much thought to the rooftop addition at 19 St. Marks Place, the former German music hall/shootout site that's now a luxury rental building above a Red Mango and Chipotle. But the top floors have a surprise in store, it turns out: a $17,000-a-month rental. That's right -- $17,000 a month will get you a 2BR, 2BA with "spectacular city views" from every room and keyed elevator access...on St. Marks Place. And that's actually a bargain, EV Grieve notes, since the apartment was originally listed in October of '08 for $25,000. Its second PriceChop brought it to the current $17K after a year on the market. It's only available furnished, so maybe that's the holdup?
· Live on St. Marks Place for only $17,000 per month! [EV Grieve]
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19 St. Mark's Place

19 St. Mark's Place, New York, NY