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Every City Agency Mobilizing Against Equinox's Ad Assault

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To recap the action so far in the greatest Greenwich Village controversy of all time, Equinox gym wrapped its building on Greenwich Avenue in huge ads sometime around New Year's, leading to oodles of outrage from locals, preservationists and politicians, and a statement about the positive intentions of the campaign from Equinox. Now the local community board is getting into the mix and they say Equinox is in for a world of pain, and no, they're not talking about ab crunches.

In response to complaints made about the billboards, Community Board 2 sent out the following e-mail:

Community Board 2 strongly believes the signs are illegal and demands that Equinox Fitness remove them immediately. In addition, I wanted to let you know about Community Board 2’s response. CB 2 immediately contacted the NYC Landmarks Preservation Commission (LPC) and the Department of Buildings (DOB) to register the community’s strong opposition to the signage. We have been informed of the following:

* The LPC has issued a warning letter to Equinox stating that it has twenty days to apply to the LPC to cure the violation.
* The DOB has informed CB 2 that the signs were installed without the required permits and added that they appear to violate zoning regulations that limit the height and surface area of signs at this location.

DOB has promised to send an inspector to Equinox to assess the signs and take enforcement action as soon as possible.

You hear that, Equinox? An inspector is on the way, and he's not interested in a 90-day trial membership!
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