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Rentals Unveiled at Williamsburg's 184 Kent, Opening March 1

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184 Kent, the massive waterfront Williamsburg warehouse turned hipster lofts that nearly died a thousand deaths on the road to a luxury makeover, is finally ready to be rented. This week the rental office soft opened, though ongoing construction on the building?huge changes to the historic Cass Gilbert structure include new floors on top and a big interior courtyard?has pushed the opening date to March 1. Still, a pair of model units are open, three floors are currently being rented by Rose Associates and the first batch of 1-3BR listings are online. Wanna know how much?

The listings posted on StreetEasy are a little misleading because they show the adjusted rents. Here's the deal: Tenants are being offered two free months. Sign a lease and the March rent is gratis, while the second month gets amortized over the first year. Here's the price breakdown:

1BRs: Start at $2,438 ($2,250 after incentives), but anything with an East River view immediately bumps it up to $2,700 and above. Most 1BRs are around 715 square feet.
2BRs: Start at $4,328 ($3,995 post-freebies), again without water views.
3BRs: Too rich for Williamsburg's blood. Two on StreetEasy are priced around $6,400 after the incentives are factored in. How many bandmembers and struggling designers can we cram into these things?

Floorplans and model photos, via the Rose Associates 184 Kent page, can be seen in the gallery above. Amenities in the building include doorman, concierge, gym, lounge, on-site parking and other luxury rental bells and whistles (who'll take the big retail space is still the $64,000 question). The Williamsburg waterfront has been waiting so long for these puppies that they were once predicted to be renting for $3,000/month and up. The market has certainly changed, but has the wait been worth it? Renter Nation will decide.
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184 Kent

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184 Kent

184 Kent Avenue, Brooklyn, NY