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Supersized Time Warner Center Condo is Also Big on Scandal

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Combine a pair of on-the-market 74th- and 75th-floor Time Warner Center apartments and you'll wind up with this staggering 8,000-square-foot spread, while bailing out a couple of scandal-plagued sellers in the process. The apartments, which together have 8BRs and 12BAs, are listed separately for a combined $4.1 million less than the $57.5 million asking price on the combination listing. "The thinking," the Post's Jennifer Gould Keil writes, "is that the right buyer might pay extra for this one-of-a-kind combo." That's a lot of extra cash for the right to knock down a wall. Who dares ask over $7,000 per square foot in this day and age? A pair of gents: The guy who got rich off Miss Cleo, and a venture capitalist reportedly swindled by Scott Rothstein, Fort Lauderdale's mini-Madoff. Adding to the pad's tabloidy nature is the former owner of one of the units, one Ricky Martin. All that aside, anyone shaking up these bonbons will definitely be livin' la vida loca.
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