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Brooklyn Jail With Retail Gets Last-Minute Stamp of Approval

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On his way out as city comptroller, William Thompson has, presidential pardon-style, approved the $34 million design contract for DoBro's maybe-soon-to-be-supersized House of Detention at Atlantic Avenue and Smith Street, aka the Jail with Retail. Thompson blocked the contract for the currently 769-bed jail three times before capitulating on the last day of 2009. Why the switcheroo? According to a city lawyer, Thompson gave the contract the go-ahead when the city agreed to drop a suit forcing Thompson to do so. The Jail with Retail still faces one other lawsuit, from community groups who want the whole jail closed lest it interfere with neighborhood gentrification. The jail is already open again, but the city hopes eventually to double the number of prisoners housed at the site and perhaps add a touch of friendly neighborhood shopping options.
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