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Imagining the Possibilities for $44 Million Worth of Townhouse

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The listings are now online for a few of the players in the West Village mini townhouse building boom. The two David Helpern-designed brick mansions at 705 and 707 Washington Street -- priced at $23 and $21 million, respectively -- are meant to be custom designed. But Helpern and co. wouldn't leave a prospective buyer without a few suggestions, good news for the (imaginary) floorplan porn addicts among us. Among the features: steam rooms, private gardens, and morning and evening terraces. The listings don't mention the electric car capability of the garage, but we hope that's still a feature, since it's what we've been saving our pennies for. Take a look at eight floors' worth of 707 Washington Street floorplans in the gallery above.
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· Listing: 707 Washington Street [Corcoran]
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