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Historic Spring Street Corner Goes Crazy for Crocs

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Racked reported over two years ago that Crocs, the favored footwear purveyor of Mario Batali and your tween nieces and nephews, would "soon" be taking over the Soho spot that used to serve up BBQ. Fast-forward to 2010 and those little blobs of synthetic sandalry are still awaiting their entrance at the corner of Spring and Wooster, but the new store has finally started to emerge. The 1818 Federal era building at 143 Spring has had its south face re-bricked (salvaging some of the old stuff), and replacement wooden clapboards have gone up on the west and north facades. Meanwhile, in place of a one-story 1925 garage on Wooster Street is a new addition fitted in finned glass and zinc-coated panels, which will, in the words of the Landmarks Preservation Commission, "subordinate to the Federal style building while reinforcing the street wall along Wooster Street."

The design for the Croc-ateria is from architect William J. Rockwell and is "part restoration, part renovation" that "maintains the classic proportions of Wooster Street and the rest of the SoHo Cast Iron District." Interiors will be handled by L & M Associates out of Eden Prairie, Minnesota. The building remains in the hands of its long-time owner, who in 2006 struck a long-term deal with the Croc crew, ensuring that by the time the store opens there will be plenty of years left for Soho tourists to treat their toes.
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