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FiDi's 2 Gold Tightens Security Following Resident's Murder

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FINANCIAL DISTRICT?Following the drug-related shooting of a 2 Gold Street resident inside his 37th-floor apartment earlier this week, some tenants in the luxury rental building have taken to the Curbed comments to describe what they say is declining security and living conditions in the tower. Landlord TF Cornerstone is now doing something about it, distributing a memo outlining new security procedures in the notorious party building. A tipster forwards the memo along and adds, "I wonder if they will actually check everyone's photo ID's now. I also wonder how many people threatened to leave. Agree with all those commenters that the building culture has changed drastically in the 2+ years I've lived there. I had a conversation in August with my (luckily quiet and respectful) neighbor about all the obnoxious tenants who trash the place." Here are the new rules:


FROM: 2 Gold L.L.C.
By: TF Cornerstone Inc., as Agent

DATE: October 1, 2010


Please be advised of the following enhanced security procedures to take effect immediately.

1) All Residents must be registered on Building Link. If an occupant or roommate is not listed, please email Jenny Wang to arrange for same.

2) All Residents must have their photos taken at the front desk for entry in to the Building Link software.

3) If you would like to provide temporary or permanent permission to enter for your dog walkers, babysitters, family or guests, you must add a Front Desk Instruction on Building Link. Those persons will be asked to show photo ID when entering the building unless their photos have already been added to Building Link. They must also sign-in at the front desk.

4) All other visitors and guests must sign-in at the front desk, be announced and provide photo ID.

5) All delivery persons will have to show photo ID. If they do not have ID, they will not be allowed to enter the building.

6) Please double check that your intercom is working properly and notify Building Management if there is a problem.

We understand these measures may create some inconvenience to you but ask for your patience and cooperation.

Thank you.

2 Gold Street

2 Gold Street, New York, NY 10038