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Heather Mills Says Hello, Goodbye to 173 Perry Street

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Ex-Beatlewife Heather Mills made headlines when she paid $4.9 million for the full ninth floor of 173 Perry Street, the northernmost building in architect Richard Meier's trio of glassy minimalist West Village waterfront towers, and the former home of Vincent Gallo and Martha Stewart. The purchase of the 2BR/2BA condo was seen as a fresh start for the one-legged tabloid target following a rough divorce from Sir Paul McCartney and a rougher exit from Dancing With The Stars. Two years later, she's over it. The 1,808-square-foot apartment just hit the market through Elliman for $5.3 million. No pictures yet, so we can't confirm the presence of any Macca dartboards, but there is a floorplan, not to mention a great view of Hugh Jackman's Christmas Spectacular next door.

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173 Perry Street

173 Perry Street, New York, NY 10014