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Anti-NYU Underground Adopts Jane Jacobs, Has Nice Handouts

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A Community Board 2 meeting on NYU's expansion plan?specifically the school's desire to build a new tower and more on its two Greenwich Village superblocks?drew the typical heated crowd, The Villager reports. The atmosphere was "overwhelmingly hostile," marked by "hisses, scoffs, pleas, insightful critiques — and one woman even likened expansion-hungry NYU to warlike Mayans, 'always looking to dominate.'" You know, the usual, even though the school's public land-use review process has yet to kick off. But what's this? A secret, "underground group" of NYU fighters called the Jane Jacobs Brigade? That is rumored to have NYU faculty members among its ranks? Now that's different! Scoopy's Notebook reports on the group, noting that its "handout fliers are very impressive." Some brigades fight using loaded arms, others fight using arms loaded with dittos. Either way, viva la revolucion!
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