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Eau de Truffles Stinks Up UWS Building's Resale Market

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10 West End Avenue isn't just a potential destroyer of expensive European sectional furniture. It also really stinks! Thanks to new retail tenant Urbani Truffles, the building is filled, according to the Times, with eau de "dirt, half a dozen pairs of teenage boys' worn-out sneakers and some stinky, stinky cheese." For building owners hoping to sell, this is a problem. One owner, who lives 21 floors above the truffle shop, says the smell is the only reason her $1.8 million apartment can't find any takers. That's some serious odor migration! Apartments in 10 West End Ave have lately spent about 33.7 weeks on the market, compared to the last quarter's average of 18 weeks. So will this problem ever be solved? Urbani Truffles has installed fans and is putting in new machines to get rid of the scent. In the meantime, open house-goers will just have to hold their noses.
· After a Smell Moves In, Others Won't Follow [NYT]

10 West End Ave

10 West End Ave, New York, NY 10069