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Meet the People Who Live Next Door to the Statue of Liberty

Move over, Roosevelt Island. The corner of our heart we reserve for a small island people live on that is close but not attached by land to Manhattan now belongs to Liberty Island, home to the Statue of Liberty. And a couple of humans, David and Debbie Luchsinger, who oversee Liberty and Ellis islands. During the day, they share Liberty Island with approximately 15,000 tourists, but at night, they have the place to themselves?and are basically stuck there once the public ferries stop at 6:15 p.m., they tell Crain's. The upside: they don't need to fight out their noise complaints in front of a community board. Two months ago, Mr. Luchsinger told the city's police commissioner he was getting tired of noisy party boats, and the party boats suddenly became much quieter. If the Luchsingers ever want to relocate to Manhattan, there's probably a career in coaching NIMBYs.
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