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The Highlight Reel From Toren's First 100 Closings

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A tipster pointed out late last week that Downtown Brooklyn eye-popper Toren has closed 100 sales. There are few things we like better than somewhat meaningless building milestones involving nice round numbers, so we sifted through the building's StreetEasy page for the highlights from Toren's first 100 sales. The building's average recorded sales price is $693/square foot, which is still, despite some choppage, a bit below the $725/square foot average price tag on the 80 currently active listings. So far, the most any unit has sold for is $997,885, on a 2BR, 2BA that was asking $940,200. (But there are two units over $1M currently listed as in contract.) The lowest sale price award goes to #302, a studio that went for a discounted $273,780. With the exception of a 35 percent discount on #1506, most of the cuts have been small, with 43 units selling above ask. Think everyone knows the supermarket isn't coming?
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150 Myrtle Avenue, Brooklyn, NY 11201