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Move-Ins @Schermerhorn; Edge Willing to Chop 10%?

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DOWNTOWN BROOKLYN?Since construction and marketing restarted after being pumped up by German cash (hence our totally awesome Photoshop job of yore, right), the 246-unit be@schermerhorn building is over 60% sold. Reps now tell us that the first wave of closings has kicked off, and DoBro's newest condo buyers have begun moving in. Looks like people can now officially be@schermerhorn! Sorry. [CurbedWire Inbox]

WILLIAMSBURG?We saw an Edge commercial on television today just as we were reading the following Edge e-mail from a Curbed tipster. It was creepy. Here's what our tipster reports: "I looked at a couple 1brs at the edge in williamsburg this weekend. one is listed for $665k. sales rep told me there's room for negotiations - down as far as $605k. when he gave me the floor plan, he wrote in the $665k number as listing price. apartments weren't bad but nothing that really got me excited ... not even at a 10% discount. maybe they should advertise the actual sales price???" And spoil the fine art of negotiation? Where's the fun in that? [CurbedWire Inbox]

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