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Riverside South Still Plans to Cover the West Side Highway Someday

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With all the back-and-forth about schools and building size at Riverside Center, one of the most dramatic aspects of the entire Riverside South megadevelopment?the plan to bury the West Side Highway?has flown under the radar. So under the radar that today NYC The Blog asks whether the plan is fact or fiction. Fact! In an article last month (these weighty urban planning issues take us a little while to digest) Archpaper explained exactly what's now going on over at the stretch of the Miller Highway between 59th and 72nd streets. Riverside developer Extell is in the middle of a $60 million tunnel shell with which it plans to, yes, cover the highway. Once the highway is rerouted, another section of the Thomas Balsley-designed park will take its place. That should happen as soon as the developers have the engineering and design work done and, uh, $400 million. Have they checked under Gary Barnett's couch cushions?
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