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Chill Dude Just Wants to Rent You a Room in Bensonhurst

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Today the Village Voice's Runnin' Scared blog brought to our attention a Craigslist posting for a $750-per-month room in Midwood for "any woman that knows a good deal when she sees one," followed by the usual rapey description. It got us thinking about all the Craigslist weirdos out there looking for roommates, which then got us thinking about where all the laid-back bros are hiding. Don't they need roomies, too? Indeed they do, and we found one Craigslist listing from just such a gent. He lives in Bensonhurst, down by the beachhh mmaannn, and he's looking for awesome people/ninjas who won't eat his Cap'n Crunch. Is that really so much to ask?

We appreciate the use of Likes and Dislikes to pare down the list of suitors, but no rap music at all? Not even, like, Midnight Marauders? Maybe there really are no normal people on Craigslist.
· $400 Looking for 3 partners in crime/Down by the beachhh mmaannn [Craigslist]