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Holy Sheep! Groovy Tribeca Townhouse Opens Its Doors

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[Photos by Eric Laignel.]

Every year the Inside Tribeca Loft Tour, which benefits Friends of Duane Park, is one of the neighborhood's hottest tickets. Now we understand why. Take a look at one of the 10 properties on this year's tour, a townhouse on Warren Street developed by our old friends DDG Partners and renovated by Ghislaine Viñas Interior Design (it sold for $5.5 million a few years back). Sure, a townhouse goes against the whole "loft" concept of the event, but we're not complaining. The colors! The staircase! The sheep! If getting a glimpse into the private lives of others is America's real pastime, then this house is the '98 Yankees. The loft tour is this Sunday, Oct. 17, and tickets can be purchased here. Check out DNAinfo for a look at some of the other properties opening their doors.
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