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Secret Transmission Intercepted From New Greenpoint Park

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The site of Transmitter Park, the vacant lot at the end of Greenpoint Avenue set to become a park, has been, well, a vacant lot for quite some time now. But a pier, an "esplanade for passive recreation," and open space are all in the plans for the park (named for the WNYC transmitter that used to be on the site). And our inbox is now receiving transmissions from the construction! Along with the above spy shot, a tipster sent us this update: "The whole park has been bulldozed including the formerly awkward handicap island. The fences by the river have been removed as have the fences along side of the (Transmitter?) building. Aside from just the evidence of progress nothing too exciting seems to have taken place with the exception of a giant hole in the ground...perhaps for the proposed walkway and bridge."

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