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Someday People May Pay to Sleep in Moynihan Station

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Ever since Midtown's Moynihan Station train hub came back from the dead for the 4,000th time earlier this year, rumors have swirled about details of the plan, which will turn the landmark Farley Post Office into an Amtrak station and connect it to neighbor Penn Station. We've heard the big box retail gossip, and now Crain's adds a few more rumors, overheard on an Open House New York tour, to the Moynihan Station mix. Most notably: also in the cards for the station is a 200-room hotel on the east side of the building, facing Eighth Avenue. It'll be 10 years or more before the check-in desk is open, but at least the developers are getting a head start on eliminating the competition. Sleeping in train stations: Not just for hobos anymore!
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