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Harlem Buildings Separated at Birth?

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"Did someone move the Conrad one block from 110th to 109th and rename it the Pascal?" a tipster asks. "Am I crazy are do these buildings look identical?" You, sir, are not crazy. East Harlem's brand newish Conrad at 342 East 110th Street and brand new Pascal (launch party Sunday!) at 333 East 109th Street are both Hot Karl joints, which explains the similarity, though they're on opposite sides of the chess board. They're also the same size, developed by the same firm, and repped by the same broker. Two for the price of one! And these aren't the only lookalikes getting some attention uptown.

Harlem Bespoke notes a new 8-story rental building at 525 West 133rd Street on the edge of Manhattanville and finds it strikingly similar to an older building two blocks away at 519 West 135th Street. Specially what's going on up at the top: "The penthouse glass arched roof looks kind of late 80's or early 90's to us and it seems a bit of a revival is at hand." If disco can have a comeback, we guess this can too. Doesn't mean we have to be happy about it.
· 525 West 133rd Street Finishes Up [Harlem Bespoke]


342 East 110th Street, New York, NY