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Luxury Condos Look to Succeed Where Jay-Z Failed

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The beat-up old three-story building at 345 West 14th Street doesn't look like one of downtown's hottest properties, but it is. The list of prominent names that have tried to knock it down and build something new and modern (and taller, of course) in its place includes Jay-Z and Andre Balazs, but they had to give up their hotel dreams when the economy petered out. Now the property is in the hands of DDG Partners, and above you see what the company has in store for the site. Brace yourselves, Scarpetta and Comix.

We're talking luxury condos, designed by DDG's own in-house team with a big wall of windows facing west over the Gansevoort Market Historic District towards the Hudson River. All that pesky manufacturing zoning left over from the beefy days has made luxury housing a rare commodity in the Meatpacking District (with SHoP's Porter House, also seen in the rendering above, being the standard-bearer), so it would seem that there's a market for these apartments on MePa's outskirts. DDG is still finalizing the plans regarding units and layouts, which means there's still time for Jay-Z to buy the whole thing back to make up for his only failure other than that album with R. Kelly.
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