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Matt Lauer Anoints 'Coolest Apartment in New York'

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While making the party rounds, the Wall Street Journal dropped by Today show co-host Hoda Kotb's book party at 6 East 78th Street, ad man/media personality Donny Deutsch's $21 million townhouse. Deutsch is wheeling and dealing in the Hamptons, but we're more interested in this landmark house, which has been undergoing four years of renovations and has suffered a public spat or two. Matt Lauer is into it! He told the paper the house is "drop-dead gorgeous. I think this got elevated to the coolest apartment in New York." This, despite Deutsch filling the place with rental furniture while waiting for renovations to finish up, and it, uh, not quite being an apartment. Lauer might have just been honoring his host, but we take these things seriously. We don't have photos inside the place, but we do know what Deutsch's design team has been up to.

EveryBlock has the details of what was presented to and approved by the Landmarks Preservation Commission back in 2008. Deutsch's house is a few doors down from Mayor Bloomberg's $45 million charity mansion, so you know the LPC took a serious look:

The proposed work, as approved, consists of removing the masonry wall and windows at the 5th floor at the north façade setback facing East 78th Street and installing a new wall with metal cladding and new glazing with sliding glass doors; removing the south facade and portions of the existing rear yard extensions and constructing a new full-height rear yard addition with metal cladding and new glazing with fixed and operable single and double height openings at the secondary rear facade; modifying the east facade by removing the exterior walls at the 2nd and 3rd floors to create a rooftop terrace with glass railing, and reconstructing the exterior walls at the basement and 1st floor with new brick masonry and glazed openings, at the existing rear yard extensions; excavating a portion of the rear yard at the cellar level and creating a light well opening at grade at the rear yard.Sounds swell, but c'mon Lauer, cooler than this place?
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6 East 78th Street

6 East 78th Street, New York, NY 10075