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Stock The Larder At This PriceChopped Prewar Penthouse

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The prewar building at 235 West 71st Street has been undergoing a makeover, its nine floors gutted and modernized like a real estate version of RoboCop. The exercise room, playroom, and storage areas appear to still be going in, and maybe that's part of why the building's 4,700-square-foot penthouse has had some trouble selling (or maybe it's the odd flow created by the combination?darn common hallway space!). The place was first listed for $15 million in 2008, and after its most recent 22% PriceChop today, it's now down to $10.5 million. You do hate to see that, but we do love to see this kind of floorplan porn, including 70 long feet of dining/living/entertaining space. Not pictured: The private 1,700-square-foot roof terrace.
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