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Replacement Sought for Prospect Park's Unsightly Barricades

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How often does the layman get to create a new piece of an iconic city park for the one-time low cost of $35? Not very, which is why we're intrigued by the Park Slope Civic Council's design competition for a new Prospect Park gateway. Open to professional and amateur designers, the contest seeks a replacement for the generic city-issued metal barriers currently blocking off the Third Street entrance, which was closed off to traffic but must still allow access for emergency and Parks Department vehicles. And so, a "highly visible, significant new architectural element" is needed for "this front door of Prospect Park." All the rules are on the PSCC's website, and the jury includes Prospect Park bigwigs, architect Laurie Hawkinson and others. The winning design gets $2,000 (a $1,965 profit!) but, sadly, no guarantee the gateway will be built.
· Prospect Park Gateway [Park Slope Civic Council]