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The Nolitan Goes Full Frontal on Kenmare Street

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Often stalled but now nearly complete, The Nolitan, the boutique hotel down at the edge of Chitaly and Nolita, is finally showing off its two faces. The sidewalk is laid and big slabs of glass, punctuated by frameworks in exposed concrete with major stainless steel hardware to hold it all together, rise over Kenmare Street. The entire perimeter is lined with matte black tile, creating a moat of darkness where the building hits the street. Fritted glass wraps around the corner at Elizabeth, and clapboards in black ceramic stack up nine stories towards the glass-rimmed terrace up top. One thing's for sure: The gang at Grzywinski+Pons have brought some wonky glitz to the nabe.

The Nolitan's own website still claims "Opening late summer 2010" but that's clearly not the case. Some websters recently claimed the new opening date is November 1. But HotelChatter, which got a sneak peek of a nearly ready model room up top, says the real date is "after Thanksgiving." Given what's been going on with this site, including some ticked-off neighbors, that window could stretch to infinity.
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The Nolitan

30 Kenmare Street, New York, NY 10012