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Former NBA Star Dikembe Mutombo Wants Out at Trump Place

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Former NBA great Dikembe Mutombo is now wagging his finger at Trump Place, where wants out of his 3BR, 3BA condo. He bought it for $2,576,172 back in 2004. Now, the Times reports, he's trying for a resale with an ask of $4.495 million. (The place was on the market for a few months last year at a slightly higher $4.75M.) The amenities are the standard high-end herringbone floors, washer/dryer, etc., plus custom-painted walls. High ceilings aren't mentioned in the brokerbabble?perhaps a reason for Mutombo's exit?

· Listing: 220 Riverside Boulevard [BHS]
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220 Riverside Boulevard

220 Riverside Boulevard, New York , NY 10069