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Upper East Side Spa-Condo Now Minus One (Unopened) Spa

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Miraval Living hasn't seen a headline this juicy since neighbor-killer Robert Durst wanted to move in. Or should we say Miraval Living? The building's website has been scrubbed clean of Miraval brand references, and that's because, the Times and Post explain, the Miraval spa is out at the luxury condo project. Back when the development was planned, the partnership between 515 East 72nd Street and the Arizona-based spa resort was the big selling point, according to now-disgruntled buyers and our memories. But fewer than half of the buiding's apartments have sold, the spa has yet to open, and both developer and spa operators cite, er, difficulties in their working relationship. The owners now hope to find a local spa operator who can make those dive-in movie nights a reality. In the meantime, maybe the grass is greener elsewhere.
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515 East 72nd St

515 East 72nd Street, New York, NY 10021