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Chelsea's Big Cheese Shows Another Side

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The Dream Downtown Hotel, recently dubbed "The Cheesegrater" following the reveal of its big sloping facade in hole-y stainless steel rising over West 17th Street, is now showing off a new south face. What's seen along West 16th Street is less Swiss-ish and maybe more Moroccan, with a scrim of perforated stainless steel punched with honking big holes. All regularly spaced, as opposed to the more random pattern on the north facade, the holes here enclose balconies fronted by nearly invisible glass balustrades. In the dream world it's often claimed that holes symbolize an entry point into the great "unknown," and given the really long construction period for this project, that unknown is fitting.

The Dream Downtown website, much like the hotel itself, is still under construction and reveals little about what the hotel will offer, design-wise. And their Facebook page yields nothing new. The opening is still slated for sometime in the Spring of 2011, so the Dream crew will have plenty of time to plug the holes and get this place ready for cheese lovers of all sorts. Meanwhile, dive into those holes and dream on.
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