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The Review Is In: 15 CPW Is Really Really Nice

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Robert A.M Stern knows what the rich want. That's what a Times profile of the 15 Central Park West building/Brooklyn hating architect will get across to you in no time. Crediting his success to his knack for "adapting traditional styles" and foregoing any styles that might be fleeting, Stern says “You can bypass the trendiness of the moment and find a new path to move forward" about his design philosophy. He evokes the good ol' days by having "a restaurant that serves only residents and their guests, like one that existed in the Dakota when it opened in 1884; a reflecting pool that admits daylight into an underground health club, which updates the courtyard skylights of the Dakota; and a cobblestoned area that Stern refers to as the “motor court” (he is partial to archaic locutions) and which allows you to drive up to a side entrance and re-enter your cocooned domicile beneath a protective canopy." OK, we get it, Stern "gets" the upper crust of society but the thing about the cocoon is a little creepy.

· What the Rich Want in a New Home [NYT]

15 Central Park West

15 Central Park West, Manhattan, NY 10023